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by Helion

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This is our second self produced EP, featuring 2 tracks of relentless technical death metal in the vein of Nile, Obscura, Necrophagist. Thank you for taking your time and supporting the band!

Released on December 18, 2016

All music and lyrics by Massimiliano Cirelli and Helion
Produced, mixed and mastered by David Zampini and "A Mano Armata Dischi"
Artwork by Massimiliano Cirelli and Francesca Mazzucchetti
Album photography by Francesca Mazzucchetti


released December 18, 2016

Massimiliano Cirelli



all rights reserved


Helion Bergamo, Italy

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Track Name: Duat's Calling: Empyreal
Born from fire as an
eternal soul
I behold the light of the
Ra-Horakti son

I shall pass through the
cosmic path
where the empyreal sets the
course of rebirth

Voices call through
the tide of light, to
reveal the fate of

Celestial spheres and
clusters lies
into the perfect
sea of time

Dwelling into the
cosmic trance, i
travel across the whole
spine of the Djed

I am the one, the
I give rebirth to the
course of the dead (urlo lungo)

I transcend upon
time and space.
Gathering Lion to the
Pleiadian side

I transcend upon
time and space.
Embracing the end as a
new, reborn, life!

Servant of the light!

Walking forth from darkness, the
lashing of the flaming star
the astral course is set to
stear the gates of the afterlife

I see the spanning of time
carried by my hand
I see the whole becoming one
my existence is complete
Track Name: The Code Of Qumran
Vision from the past of the
Qumran's folk
A hidden truth denied for long
during the reign of Judas

The scattered doctrine
of the ancient servant of the sun
who led the elected people
to a newborn kingdome heart

A new age rises
the light unfold the past
the ancient brothers of the Hor
whose bloodline remains now pure

May be
called thy

god endless
source of

The Yahud scribes
Essenic ancient wisdom keepers
against the tide of the foes of the
fake saviour of mankind

Speak of the king whose
name has been for long forbidden
the will of Re
is now complete